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Blue, Pink, Orange Portfolio B&W, Portfolio Color thin, white text on top of the overly textured background. Not one of Apple's masterpieces. Jazzy clarinet music plays behind a static blue-on-blue menu (or pink-on-pink, or orange-on-or- ange) festooned with stars. Text buttons and a rectangular drop zone. Overall, inoffensive but dull. Black and white and color versions of the same thing: pictures on a pushpin corkboard. The cool part is that each button has a different shape--unusual for a theme. More masking madness. The drop zone picture plays behind the translucent buttons. Good de- sign elements are overwhelmed by the overly busy, all-dancing, somewhat blurry drop zone. Not for the weak of stomach. Like the original iDVD 2 Brushed Metal theme, but with a drop zone. (Hint: Use Brushed Metal Two as the submenu theme.) iDVD's Built-in Themes Moving Bars Brushed Metal One Brushed Metal Two Like Brushed Metal with regular buttons and no drop zones. Missing the large, horizontal, rectangular box feature. Green Linen One An earth-tone green textured background with green text but- tons and a drop zone. chapter17:designingidvdthemes 417