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Scrapbook Nice music highlights a scrapbook- inspired presentation with a rota- tion of three drop zones. Flowers, suns, and balloons dance around and change colors. iDVD's Built-in Themes 4.0 Themes Wedding (Bronze and Silver) A curtain billows silently in the background of this cool, elegant theme, offered in two colors and two styles: main page ("One") and submenu ("Two"). Drive-in Montage Kids Theater A retro-inspired Drive-in. Not the height of graphic design perfec- tion, what with its busy design, huge drop zone, and somewhat grating audio loop. The submenu theme (Drive-in Two) is only slightly better. Brash and stylish, Montage offers an exciting and usable screen design. With its fashing colors and loud rhythms, however, this theme isn't for the easily annoyed (or people trying to sleep). This theme is geared toward junior movie makers, although its "Good Old Summertime" calliope background loop may drive even children loopy. Parts of the design fall outside of the safe video zones. Kids Theater Two, the submenu version, is a tad better. chapter17:designingidvdthemes 413