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Memories Sliding Panes Full Frame 1 and 2 Three water droplets fall into a placid pool, each creating ripples that widen into a drop zone. Un- fortunately, the white lettering of the all-text buttons is hard to read unless you choose contrasting drop-zone contents. A silent theme, Sliding Panes features a series of drop zones that gradually get covered up with a seemingly random series of rectangular black blocks. Out of seven drop zones, only two appear in the main loop. Make sure to use short button names with this one--and don't even try to populate the seven drop zones directly. Instead, use the drop-zone editor (choose ProjectEdit Drop Zones) so you won't have to play "catch the animated drop zone" with your cursor. These all-text themes provide simple labeling on top of a single, full-frame photo or video clip background. iDVD's Built-in Themes Anime Pop Wedding White This theme represents Japanese Anime-style animation at its most foral. Five drop zones fy around a desert background in happy, happy fowers. Plonky music plays and stars drift to the ground. Elegant and easy on the eyes, this theme offers animated, semi- transparent white waves that roll by on the bottom half of the screen, as a slideshow of four photos flls the upper half of the screen. Triumphant music plays. Choose stills rather than slideshows or videos to create the best impact for this lovely theme. chapter17:designingidvdthemes 411