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iDVD's Built-in Themes The Themes Pane All three collections--5.0 Themes, 4.0 Themes and Old Themes--appear in the Themes pane in the Customize drawer, as you can see in Figure 15-10 (page 366). (To view the Themes pane, click Customize to open the Customize drawer, then click the Themes button at the top of the pane.) As you study the scrolling list of themes, you'll notice that: ·Favoritesappeartogether. When you choose Favorites from the Theme Set pop- up menu at the top of the pane, all Favorites (themes that you've created) appear together in the same list. This list is empty when you start out using iDVD. ·Mostnon-Applethemesappearseparately. Themes you've bought from other companies (like or are listed separately in the pane's pop-up menu. ·Viewseveralsetsatonce. iDVD 5 lets you view a single set of themes, or all themes at once. To view just one set, select its name from the Theme Set pop-up menu. To view all themes, choose All from that same menu. ·Thewalking-maniconmeanssoundoraudio.When you see a small, round, walk- ing-man logo in the lower-right corner of the theme thumbnail, that's your signal