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chapter 17 Designing iDVD Themes S ome of Apple's iDVD themes offer great backgrounds but weak audio. Others provide terrifc sounds but terrible text. Some create a nearly perfect package, while others seem broken beyond repair. Fortunately, in the end it doesn't matter, because iDVD lets you adapt themes to your taste and save them as new Favorites. Favorites let you move beyond built-in themes and presets to create truly customized DVD menu systems. You can change font, adjust the length of the looping background video, move buttons around and change their styles, change the fonts and colors for button and menu titles, move text around the screen, substitute new background art or background patterns, replace or remove the audio loop that plays when the main menu is onscreen, and much more. Let this chapter be your guide. iDVD's Built-in Themes In iDVD 5, Apple added 15 new themes. Many of the new ones include fabulous mo- tion backgrounds and moving drop zones, as described in the preceding chapters. Special events inspire some themes, like the wedding and new-baby themes. Others key into special interests, like sports and travel. Themes also vary in complexity. Some offer completely realized presentations. Others provide little more than colors and fonts, leaving it up to you to mold them. Either way, the built-in themes, both old and new, provide an excellent jumping-off point for your DVDs. chapter17:designingidvdthemes 409