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If you're sure your audience will have a strong stomach, Twirldoes exactly what the name suggests. It rotates away each picture before rotating in the next. If you don't want any transition animation, choose None. iDVD will simply cut from one slide to the next. Tip: iDVD can put crossfades and transitions between menus, too. That way, when your audience clicks a button on the main menu screen, the screen doesn't just jump cut to the selected move or slideshow; it crossfades, wipes, rotates on the face of a cube, or whatever. To specify which transition you'd like, open the Customize drawer and click the Settings button at the top. Select one or more menu buttons and then use the Transition pop-up menu to specify the effect you want. (In iDVD 5, you can use a different transition for each button.) DVD Slideshows Slideshow Audio Music has a profound impact on the effect of a photo slideshow. You can't appreciate how dramatic the difference is until you watch the same slideshow with and without music playing. iDVD starts out with whatever music you've selected in iPhoto, but if "Minuet in G" isn't your thing, fear not. You can use any music you like.