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DVD Slideshows Manual, of course, means that your audience will have to press the Next button on the remote control to change pictures. Then there's the Fit to Audio option, which appears in the pop-up menu only after you've added a sound fle or a playlist to your slideshow. In this case, iDVD will determine the timing of your slides automatically--by dividing the length of the soundtrack by the number of slides in your show. In other words, if the song is 60 seconds long, and you've got 20 slides in the show, each slide will sit on the screen for three seconds. Tip: Fit to Audio offers a nifty way to create a simple, no-fuss DVD "mix tape" that you can play on your home theater system. Drop a song into the Audio well (page 406) but add only one photograph, which may be the album art for that song or a graphic showing the song's title. Make a series of "slideshows" this way. Once you burn the whole thing to a DVD, you can choose a song to start playing in its entirety with the album cover on the screen. (If you add an album-in-a-playlist instead of just one song, you can choose an album to play in the same way.) · Transition. You can specify any of several graceful transition effects--Dissolve, Cube, and so on--to govern how one slide morphs into the next. You can try each of these styles for yourself by selecting one and then watching your slideshow (click