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Tip: Before clicking Open, you can highlight several photos to bring them all in at once. If the ones you want appear consecutively in the list, click the frst one, and then Shift-click the last one, to highlight all of them. If not, c-click each photo fle that you want to import. Either way, click Open to bring them all into iDVD simultaneously. DVD Slideshows To remove a picture from the list, just click it and then press the Delete key. You can also remove a whole bunch of pictures simultaneously by frst Shift-clicking them or c -clicking them, exactly as described in the previous Tip, before pressing Delete. Reordering Slides Changing the sequence of slides involves little more than dragging them to their new position. Yet again, you can select multiple slides at once (see the preceding Tip) and then drag them en masse. Slideshow Options iDVD offers some useful options at the bottom of the Slideshow Editor window: · Loop slideshow. If you turn on the "Loop slideshow" checkbox, the slideshow repeats endlessly, or until your viewer presses the Menu or Title button on the DVD remote control.