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· If you export an iPhoto slideshow (a set of photos to which you've applied music, panning and zooming effects, specifc crossfade styles, and even individual, per- slide timings), iDVD treats the result as a movie. Your audience will see a frozen slideshow when they press the Enter or Play buttons on their remote. They'll see the pictures in the sequence, and with the timings, you specifed; they'll have no control over the show. You can work with this movie as you would any other movie you've imported from iMovie or the Finder. · If you export an album (a "folder" full of photos, assembled and arranged by you), iDVD treats the result as a slideshow--a collection of pictures that your DVD audience can peruse, one at a time, using the arrow buttons on their remote controls. The rest of this discussion applies to these DVD slideshows. In iDVD, a slideshow looks like a submenu button that bears the name of the album you exported. Double-click it to view the list of pictures inside, change their sequence, and make other adjustments, as described on page 405. Tip: If you make changes to your iPhoto album--by adding photos or rearranging them, for example--click DVD Slideshows