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DVD Slideshows around a tiny pile of fragile 4 x 6 prints, your audience gets to watch the photos at TV-screen size--accompanied by a musical soundtrack of your choice. If you've installed movies into an iDVD menu screen, installing photos will seem like a piece of cake. Once again, you can do so using several different methods, each with its own advantages: · iPhotoalbums.When you open the Customize drawer, click the Media button, and choose Photos from the pop-up, iDVD presents your entire iPhoto picture collection, complete with the albums you've used to organize them. The great thing about this system is that iPhoto albums contain well-defned image progressions--that is, you presumably dragged the photos into an emotionally satisfying sequence. That's exactly how iDVD will present the pictures: as they appear in the album, from the frst image to the last. · Folderdraganddrop.If the pictures you want to add aren't in iPhoto, you can also drag a folder full of them right off the desktop (or a Finder folder) and onto an iDVD menu screen. iDVD creates a slideshow from the images, all right, but puts them into an unpredictable sequence. · Slideshoweditor. iDVD comes with a special window called the Slideshow Edi- tor, in which you can add individual photos to the slideshow and drag them into