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Tip: If you tinker with the graphics tools in a program like Photoshop or AppleWorks, you could come up with a decent replica of the standard FBI warning that appears as the Autoplay of a commercial DVD. You could precisely duplicate the wording and typographical look--or you could take the opportunity to do a hilarious spoof of the usual warning. The DVD Map--and Autoplay · Aslideshow. Once you've got the Photos list open in the Customize drawer as described above, you can also drag an entire iPhoto album onto the project icon. Alternatively, you can click and c-click just the photos you want in the Customize panel, and then drag them en masse onto the project icon. In fact, you can even drag photos--as a group or in a folder--right out of the Finder and onto this icon. To control how long your still image remains on the screen, or how quickly your Autoplay slideshow plays, double-click your Project tile. You arrive at the AutoPlay slideshow editor, a screen like the one shown in Figure 16-10, where you can adjust the timing, transition, and even the audio that plays behind the picture(s). Tip: It's possible to create a DVD that never even gets to the menu screen--a DVD consisting only of Autoplay material. You could design a project that way for the beneft of, for example, technophobic DVD novices whose pupils dilate just contemplating using a remote control. They can just insert your Autoplay-only DVD and sit back on the couch as the movie plays automatically. Looping If you highlight the button for a movie, slideshow, or Autoplay tile--either in Map view or on a menu screen--and then choose AdvancedLoop Movie (or Loop Slide Show), you unleash another raft of possibilities. You can make a DVD that repeats the highlighted material (a slideshow or movie) over and over again and, in fact, never gets back to the menu screen. Tip: In the Map, a small circle appears in the lower-right corner of any element you've set up for looping. That would be a great way to create a DVD containing a self-running, self-repeating slideshow of digital photos that plays on a TV at a party or wedding reception. You could also use it to create a self-looping kiosk display at a trade show. In any case, the DVD will loop endlessly--or at least until it occurs to someone in your audience to press the Menu or Title button on the remote, which displays your main menu. At this point, the Menu button redisplays the previous menu screen; the Title button causes a return to the main menu. DVD Slideshows The DVD may be the world's best delivery mechanism for digital photos. Your friends and family sit there on the couch--in the comfort of their own living room, as the saying goes. They click the remote control to walk through your photos (or, if you choose, they relax and let the slideshow advance automatically). Instead of passing chapter16:idvdprojectsbyhand 399