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The DVD Map--and Autoplay Autoplay The DVDs described so far in this book behave like commercial Hollywood DVDs in almost every respect except one: they don't play a certain video clip automatically when the disc is inserted, before the menu screen appears. You know--a bright red FBI warning, previews of coming attractions, or maybe just a quick snippet of the movie on the DVD. iDVD 5 makes creating this kind of "pre-movie" extremely easy. In Map view, the frst tile (at the top or the left, depending on the view you've chosen) is technically called the Project tile (see Figure 16-10), but you can think of it as the Autoplay tile. Whatever you drag onto this tile will play automatically when the DVD is inserted, before your viewers even touch their remote controls. These are the kinds of things you can put there: · Avideoclip. In the Customize drawer, click the Media button, and then choose Movies from the pop-up menu. iDVD displays all the movies in your Home Movies folder (and any other folders you've listed here); drag the one you want directly onto the Project tile to install it there. · Astillimage. In the Customize drawer, again, click the Media button, but this time choose Photos from the pop-up menu. iDVD shows your complete iPhoto collec-