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Tip: As you work with your menu and submenu screens, navigating folders may seem painfully slow unless you turn off iDVD's background encoding feature. (Its purpose is to quietly pre-process your video while you're working, so that burning the DVD will take less time.) To do that, choose iDVD Preferences, click the General button, and then turn off "Enable background encoding." Submenus ("Folders") · Namesmaynotmatch. A folder/submenu button's label may bear no relationship to the title on the submenu screen. You have to edit the text individually in both places if you want to make a change. · Themesdon'thavetomatch. Each menu screen can have its own theme. In fact, when you click a theme thumbnail in the Themes pane of the Customize drawer, iDVD changes only the menu screen you're looking at right now. If you want that theme to apply to all menu screens, you have to choose AdvancedApply Theme to Folders. · Mindyourminutes.The more folders and more themes you add to your project, the closer you come to iDVD's limit of 15 minutes' worth of menu videos. Reaching that limit isn't such a remote possibility, either; even one-minute video loops on 15 menu screens will take up all your available space, even if you use the same background video on every menu. When you try to add a new menu that takes up too much space, you'll see the warning shown in Figure 16-8. Figure 16-8: When you try to add a new menu that would exceed iDVD's 15-minute background-video limit, this message appears. Click Cancel to eliminate the new menu. Click Ignore to add the menu despite the warning, with the understanding that you'll have to solve the space issue manually before you burn the DVD. Or click Fix to make iDVD shorten the menu's loop so that it fts within the remaining video menu space on your disc. If, in that dialog box, you opt to ignore the warning, you're welcome to solve the too-much-background-video problem your own way--just as long as you solve chapter16:idvdprojectsbyhand 395