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· "Askeachtime." When you drag a chapter-flled movie onto a menu screen, iMovie says: "Do you want to add chapter markers for this movie?" Click Yes (if you want to create the nested-menus effect described three paragraphs ago), or No (if you want the invisible chapter-markers effect described two paragraphs ago). Adding Movies Submenus ("Folders") Depending on the theme you've chosen, iDVD may impose a limit of six or twelve buttons on a menu screen. Fortunately, that doesn't mean you're limited to twelve scenes in a movie, or twelve movies per DVD. You, or iDVD, can accommodate more movies by creating submenus--additional menu screens that branch off from the main menu--and even sub-submenus. You may have seen this effect already, in fact, if you've tried to create an iMovie DVD containing more than a handful of chapter markers. You can also create this effect manually. Whenever you click the Folder button at the bottom of the screen, iDVD adds a submenu button to the current menu screen. In some themes, especially those that began life in previous versions of iDVD, this button looks like an actual folder; in most, it's simply a new text button. Behind the scenes, this button represents a second menu screen, a blank canvas with room for yet another six or twelve buttons. Navigating Submenus Navigating iDVD Folders while building your project is pretty easy, once you master these tips: workaround workshop Temporary Buttons When you try to add more than twelve buttons to a menu screen, iDVD gracefully announces, "There are too many buttons in the current menu to add a new one." As with previous versions of iDVD, you can click OK to dismiss the message and return to editing your proj- ect--without the new button you tried to add. But iDVD 5 offers what's often a more convenient alternative: A Temporarily Allow button that lets you add those extra buttons to your menus for now, so that you have the convenience of (for example) cutting and pasting them to other menu screens. But with great power comes great responsibility: iDVD wants you to understand that you can't actually burn a DVD with too many buttons on a menu screen. If you forget to dispose of the extra buttons before clicking the Burn but- ton, another warning message appears (shown here at bottom), and your burning efforts come to a grinding halt. chapter16:idvdprojectsbyhand 393