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· "Askeachtime." When you drag a chapter-flled movie onto a menu screen, iMovie says: "Do you want to add chapter markers for this movie?" Click Yes (if you want to create the nested-menus effect described three paragraphs ago), or No (if you want the invisible chapter-markers effect described two paragraphs ago). Adding Movies Submenus ("Folders") Depending on the theme you've chosen, iDVD may impose a limit of six or twelve buttons on a menu screen. Fortunately, that doesn't mean you're limited to twelve scenes in a movie, or twelve movies per DVD. You, or iDVD, can accommodate more movies by creating submenus--additional menu screens that branch off from the main menu--and even sub-submenus. You may have seen this effect already, in fact, if you've tried to create an iMovie DVD containing more than a handful of chapter markers. You can also create this effect manually. Whenever you click the Folder button at the bottom of the screen, iDVD adds a submenu button to the current menu screen. In some themes, especially those that began life in previous versions of iDVD, this button looks like an actual folder; in most, it's simply a new text button. Behind the scenes, this button represents a second menu screen, a blank canvas with