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Adding Movies Fortunately, it's easy enough to create this effect. In iLife '05, you can drag either an iMovie clip or an entire iMovie project into iDVD--if you know what to drag. Figure 16-6 shows all. Note: The drag-the-title-bar-icon trick illustrated in Figure 16-6 works only for iMovie projects that have been saved in the new, single-icon iMovie HD project format (page 112). If your project is still represented on your hard drive as a project folder, you can't drag its title-bar icon. Whichever way you pick, whatever you just dragged turns into a new button on the menu page. Movies with Chapters You already know from the previous chapter that if you export a movie directly from iMovie, any chapter markers you've added automatically turn into buttons in iDVD. But what happens if you drag an iMovie movie, itself containing chapter markers, into iDVD as described above? Unless you've changed the iMovie settings, iDVD automatically turns those chapter markers into buttons, just as though you'd exported the movie from iMovie. They