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Fortunately, you can teach iDVD to list the contents of additional movie folders. To do so, drag new folders from the Finder to the list in the Movies pane, or choose iDVDPreferences (c-comma), click the Movies button, and follow the steps in Figure 16-5. Repeat for as many folders as you want to add. Adding Movies Clips and Movies from iMovie If you click the Create iDVD Project button in iMovie, as described in the previous chapter, iMovie creates a brand-new iDVD project. iMovie offers no obvious way to install a second or third movie into an existing iDVD project. That's a shame, because most homemade DVDs are not, in fact, 90-minute opuses, complete with character development and a satisfying narrative arc. (In fact, an hour and a half of anybody's home movies is about 80 minutes too long.) Most of the time, people want to fll a DVD with several of their fnished iMovie projects. They want each button on the DVD's main menu to represent a complete movie. Figure 16-6: After saving your iMovie project (right), you can drag the entire movie onto an iDVD menu screen (left) by using the project icon in the title bar as a handle. The trick is to hold down the mouse button on that icon momentarily until it darkens before you begin to drag. Alternatively, you can drag individual clips from iMovie (either the Movie Track or the Clips pane) into iDVD, as shown here at bottom. chapter16:idvdprojectsbyhand 391