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1.ChooseFileNew(c-N).Or,ifyou'relookingatthedialogboxshowninFigure 16-1,clickCreateaNewProject. The new iDVD Create Project dialog box (Figure 16-1) is the twin of the one in iMovie. Once again, you'll probably see it fairly rarely. All other times, iDVD automatically opens whatever project you just exported from iMovie, or the most recent DVD project you worked on. In any case, choosing FileNew makes the Save dialog box appear. 2.Typeanamefortheprojectandspecifywheretosaveitonyourharddrive. If you don't type a more appropriate name, your DVD will be forever known as "My Great DVD." 3.ClickCreate. iDVD opens the main menu screen for your new DVD-to-be in the main iDVD window. Your next step is to choose a visual theme for your DVD's menu screens. Full details appear beginning on page 364. Creating a New Project Adding Movies When you get right down to it, all iDVD really does is add window dressing--menus, buttons, and so on--to movies, music, and photos created in other programs. Take movies, for example. You already know that you can transfer an iMovie project into iDVD by clicking iMovie's Make iDVD Project button (that's what Chapter 15's all about). But that's just the beginning of the ways you can add movies to your iDVD projects. You can also: Figure 16-2: To use the Import com- mand, start on the menu screen you wish to update. When you choose File ImportVideo, the Open File dialog box appears, so that you can navigate to a movie and select it. (You can't select more than one movie to import at a time.) When you click Open, iDVD loads the movie and adds it to the current menu screen. chapter16:idvdprojectsbyhand 387