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Overriding OneStep > Overriding OneStep - Pg. 384

OneStep DVDs ·Youdon'thavetostartfromthebeginning. Although OneStep prefers to rewind every tape to the beginning, you can easily override this tendency. That is, you can specify where you want the transfer to begin, just by cueing up the tape in the camcorder before you begin the steps above. Then, after you insert your blank disc, iDVD displays a "Waiting for Device" mes- sage. At that moment, put your fnger on the camcorder's Play button. Once iDVD recognizes the blank DVD, OneStep begins the rewinding--but you can interrupt it by pressing Play right away. You've just convinced OneStep that the tape has now been rewound completely. iDVD starts the capture at that point. ·Youdon'thavetowaittilltheend. OneStep ordinarily tries to transfer the entire recorded portion of the tape to the DVD, but you can override this setup, too. Whenever you feel that you've transferred enough of the tape, press the Stop but- ton on your camcorder to end the capture process. OneStep doesn't bat an eye; it moves right ahead to the compression and burning stages. ·Youcanbailoutatanytime. As shown in Figure 15-22, you can cancel out of the whole OneStep process at any time.