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to compress your video and burn it to disc, so schedule the whole thing for a time (a long time) when you won't be needing your Mac. Go get a coffee, found a new spiritual movement, or do something else that will occupy you as the tectonic plates move on inextricably and California continues its long, slow slide into Alaska. Tip: For best results, make sure that no background programs are busy--rendering iMovie effects, download- ing e-mail, playing iTunes music--while you're capturing directly to iDVD. A busy computer may introduce video glitches (like dropped frames) in the video capture. OneStep DVDs Overriding OneStep You don't have to live with OneStep's super-simple, super-limited way of doing things. If you're clever, you can work around some of its limitations. Figure 15-22: Top: If, at any time during the camcorder-capturing process, you think you've messed up, you've inserted the wrong tape, or you just don't want to continue recording to disc, click Stop in the OneStep dialog box. Middle: At that point, iDVD asks if you want to cancel the recording or con- tinue creating the DVD using the already-captured video. Bottom: As a matter of fact, OneStep doesn't actu- ally begin recording the disc until after its video-encoding phase, which can take several minutes to several hours after the video-capturing process is complete. You can click the Cancel button at any time during this processing (encod- ing) stage to quit without burning, too. chapter15:fromimovietoidvd 383