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OneStep DVDs Note: As with iMovie, OneStep DVD does not play well with 12-bit audio, which is the standard audio-record- ing setting for most new digital camcorders. Record your video using the 16-bit setting (which you change in the camcorder's menus), otherwise your audio and video may drift apart on the DVD. Here's how you use OneStep to copy a tape onto a DVD: 1.InsertarecordedDVtapeintoyourcamcorder,andconnectthecamcorderto yourMacusingaFireWirecable. As noted in Chapter 4, the camcorder's FireWire socket may be labeled FireWire, iLink, IEEE-1394, or even Digital. 2.TurnonthecamcorderandsetittoVCRmode. This mode may also be called Playback, VTR, or Play. 3.IniDVD,chooseFileOneStepDVD. Alternatively, just close whatever iDVD project window is open. You arrive at the dialog box shown in Figure 15-21; click the OneStep DVD button. If your Mac's DVD drive has a slide-out tray, it now opens automatically.