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Be sure you're using the correct kind of blank DVD for your DVD burner. For example, don't attempt to burn 1x or 2x blanks at 4x speed. Recent Macs can burn either DVD-R or DVD+R blanks (note the minus and the plus, denoting two incompatible blank DVD formats), as well as their re-recordable, more expensive ­RW and +RW counterparts. 7.Wait. It takes iDVD quite awhile to process all of your audio, video, and photos, encoding them into the proper format for a DVD. Your wait time depends on how complex your project is and how fast your Mac is. Apple says that you should allow two or three minutes of processing per minute of video in your movie, but burning times vary signifcantly. After a while, or a bit more than a while, a freshly burned DVD automatically ejects from your SuperDrive. Note: After your new DVD pops out, a message says, "Your disc has been created. If you want to create another DVD, insert another disc now." Sure enough, if you want to spin out multiple copies of your project, you can insert another blank DVD right then, so that iDVD can record it while it's on a roll. Otherwise, click Done. Phase 5: Burning Your DVD OneStep DVDs You know how iMovie offers the Magic iMovie--a very limited, one-click method of dumping a videotape into iMovie without any work on your part? In the same vein, iDVD offers a one-click method of dumping a tape onto a DVD. You just plug in a camera and record directly to a DVD, bypassing iMovie altogether. You could argue that this feature is even more useful than Magic iMovie. Think of it: This feature turns any camcorder into one that churns out DVDs instead of tapes. It's also a handy way to offoad footage from a bunch of tapes, either because blank DVDs are cheaper than tapes, or because tapes have a more limited shelf life. You should note, though, that the OneStep DVD feature is just as limited as the Magic iMovie described in Chapter 4. For example: · iDVD can record only from a prerecorded MiniDV tape in a camcorder. It can't record from the TV, a cable box, an analog-digital converter box, or your digital camcorder's video pass-through feature. · You can't edit the video or choose which parts to include. · Unless you intervene (details in a moment), iDVD will rewind the tape automati- cally and transfer the entire thing to the end of the recorded portion. · You can't customize your project in any way; the resulting DVD won't have a theme, a menu screen, or buttons. Instead, it will be an Autoplay DVD--a disc that begins playing automatically when inserted into a DVD player. chapter15:fromimovietoidvd 381