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Burning Your Project > Burning Your Project - Pg. 380

Phase 5: Burning Your DVD 2.CheckyourMotionsetting. Remember, the Motion button at the bottom of the window determines whether your fnished DVD will have animated menus, buttons, and backgrounds, and whether music will play. If the Motion button is green, you'll get all this stuff. If you click it so that it turns gray, motion and audio features won't appear on the fnal disc. (This button has no effect on regular movies and slideshows--only the ones on menu screens.) 3.ChooseFileSaveProject. Or press c-S. 4.Checkyourdiskspace. As iDVD rolls along, it needs some extra working space on your hard drive. Be sure there's plenty of free space--at least the amount indicated by the "Project size" statistic on the Status pane of the Customize drawer. If your hard drive doesn't have enough space, do some cleanup. 5.ClicktheBurnbuttontwice.