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The tradeoff, of course, is video quality. Higher bit rates generally provide clearer and more accurate picture reproduction than lower bit rates do, especially in action scenes. If the bit rate of a DVD is very low, you get blocky-looking, unclear video. But iDVD's "lowest-quality" mode--4 Mbps--is still above the minimum bit rate needed for clear video for home movies. Don't constrain yourself needlessly to the 60-minute format until you've given the Best Quality format a try. Phase 5: Burning Your DVD Burning Your Project When you've fnished editing your disc and testing it thoroughly, it's time to proceed with your burn. This is the moment you've been working toward. Note: The following steps walk you through the process for burning with an internal Apple SuperDrive (or equivalent). If you want to burn your discs to an external drive, see page 450. 1.MakesureiDVDisreadytoburn. Part of iDVD's job is to encode (convert) your movies, music, and pictures into the MPEG-2 format required by standard DVDs. Therefore, it's a good idea to open the Customize Drawer, click the Status button