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Phase 5: Burning Your DVD In fact, iDVD prefers to burn 60-minute DVDs, because they have the best quality. The instant you try to add the 61st minute of footage to your project, you see the message shown in Figure 15-18. You can change your settings as suggested, or delete some video from the project to make it ft within 60 minutes again. Figure 15-18: iDVD is telling you that you've put more than 60 minutes of footage onto this DVD. To ft all this video onto your disc, you'll need to use the General Preferences (c-comma) window to switch from Best Performance (60 minutes max) to Best Quality. A disc that exceeds 60 minutes uses a lower bit rate--that is, it uses less data to de- scribe the video, which allows iDVD to ft more information on the same size disc. (For example, 60-minute iDVD projects depict video using 8 megabits [Mbps] per second; 90-minute projects use 5 Mbps; 120-minute discs use 4 Mbps.)