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·BestPerformance. Your video will look fantastic, and your Mac will burn the disc relatively quickly. On the downside, the DVD you burn this way can contain a maximum of 60 minutes of video. Figure 15-17: iDVD 5 offers two ways to com- press the video on your master- piece. Choose Best Performance for up to 60 minutes of excellent- looking footage or Best Quality for up to 120 minutes of video. When iDVD's work is over, the DVD that pops out of your Mac will come delightfully close to looking and working like a professionally mastered, commercial DVD from Blockbuster. There will, however, be one giveaway: It won't be over two hours long. Phase 5: Burning Your DVD power users' clinic Best Quality/Best Performance: How It Works When a DVD-burning program goes to work, it faces an important decision. Given that a blank single-layer DVD contains a limited amount of space (4.7 GB or so), how much picture-quality data can it afford to devote to each frame of video? The Best Performance option in iDVD 5 makes that decision like this: "I'll allot a fxed, predetermined amount of data to each frame of video--enough to make it look great--no matter how many minutes of video my human master has included. A lot of the DVD might wind up being empty if, for example, the project contains less than an hour of video. But at least the burning process will go quickly, and the video will look really great." The Best Quality option takes a different approach. It says, "I'm going to use every micron of space on this blank DVD. I'm going to analyze the amount of video my human has included, and divide it into the amount of space available on the DVD. The amount of information used to describe an individual frame of video will vary from project to project, and it will take me a lot longer to burn the DVD because I'm going to have to do so much analysis. But at least my human will get two hours of great-looking video per disc." Incidentally, if you'd like some insight into how iDVD is thinking of the project you're working on at the moment, open the Customize drawer and click the Status button. This panel shows you how close you are to flling up the DVD with your movies, menus, and other elements. chapter15:fromimovietoidvd 377