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·Changingtheduration. Use the Settings pane in the Customize drawer to adjust the loop duration for your menus (how long a movie clip plays before starting over). Whatever time you specify here controls the loop length of movies in menu backgrounds, video buttons, and drop zones. Note: If you drag a movie into a drop zone, you can't control where the movie begins as you can with button movies. In a drop zone, a movie always begins at the beginning. Startling, huh? Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen Redesigning the Theme You can change every tiny aspect of your theme--the music, the background, the colors, the fonts, and so on--if you have the time and patience. If you're so inclined, turn to Chapter 17 for a full discussion of theme creation. Phase 5: Burning Your DVD Once your scene-selection screen is looking pretty good, you're almost ready to burn the DVD. Before you go using up a blank disc, however, you should test it to make sure that it works on the virtual DVD player known as the Macintosh screen. Previewing Your Project