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Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen ·Editingadropzoneslideshow. If you've decided to create a mini-slideshow within the drop zone, you may wonder how you're supposed to adjust the order of the photos. Figure 15-14 tells all. Tip: Instead of clicking the drop zone and then clicking Edit Order, you can just double-click the drop zone. You go straight to the Drop Zone Editor window. ·Addsounds. Drop zones have no sound, although you can import audio into the menu screen that contains the drop zone. See page 425. ·TurningonMotion.If you've installed video into a drop zone and it doesn't seem to be playing, click the round Motion button at the bottom of the iDVD window. (When it's turned on, the button is green; when it's turned off, it's gray.) If it still doesn't seem to be playing, the menu duration may be set to 0 (page 370). Turning off Motion also turns off any background audio track and brings motion menus and motion buttons to a standstill. (Caution: The status of this button af- fects both your onscreen project and the fnal DVD.) ·Locatingadropzone. As noted above, drop zones in several iDVD 5 themes ap- pear only one at a time. To see them all (so that you can fll them with pictures or movies), drag the thin white scroll bar at the bottom of the menu screen until the