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drag the handle of the thin white scroll bar at the bottom of the menu window to cycle through the entire presentation; see the box on page 371 for details. Here's how drop zones work: ·Addingtoadropzone.Drag any video, photo album, image, or collection of im- ages right into a drop zone outline to install it there. You can drag icons out of the Finder, or directly out of the Media pane in the Customize drawer. Tip: Albums in drop zones can display 30 images at most. What you'll get is a mini-slideshow, right there within the drop zone. (More on dragging out of the Photos pane in Chapter 16.) Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen ·Replacingitemsinadropzone. To replace what you've installed in a drop zone, just drag something new into it. ·Removingitemsfromadropzone.To delete an item in the drop zone, drag it away from the spot, just as you'd drag something off the Mac OS X Dock or the Sidebar. You get a cute little puff of smoke to indicate the movie or picture's disappearance. (If you drag it onto a menu button in the process of removing it from the drop zone, it becomes a video menu button.)