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Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen Tip: If you don't see the telltale phrase "Drop Zone" followed by a number, choose iDVDPreferences. Click the General icon, and then turn on Show Drop Zones. (This checkbox just hides the words "Drop Zone," not the drop zones themselves.) Note, by the way, that not all drop zones are onscreen at once. The Scrapbook theme, for example, shows only one of its three drop zones at a time. Similarly, the drop zones in several iDVD 5 themes take their time in parading onto the screen, or rotating through it. To give yourself a quick tour of all the drop zones in your chosen theme, Figure 15-13: Top: The words "Drop Zone" show you where each drop zone is. In some themes, a preliminary animation ap- pears before your main-menu buttons do; that interval is represented by the notched area on the Drag a photo or a movie here