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Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen 2.TurnonMotion,ifnecessary. If motion isn't already turned on, click the round Motion button at the bottom of the iDVD window. (The button turns green when it's on, gray when it's not.) All the little movie buttons come to life, all playing simultaneously. Note: If your movie clips don't start playing, don't worry. Some menus, including Kids Theater Two, come with their button loop times set to zero. To make your video buttons come alive, you have to adjust their timing manually, as described below. 3.MakesuretheMoviecheckboxisturnedon.Dragtheslidertothespotwhere youwantplaybacktobegin. The slider is a map of your entire movie, from start to end. Pinpoint where you want the button's video playback to begin. You've just set what Apple calls the poster frame for the linked movie. So how do you specify where you want the buttons' looping video to end? 4.MakesuretheCustomizedrawerisopen.ClicktheSettingsiconatthetop,and thendragtheMenuDurationslidertospecifyhowmanysecondsofvideoyou wantyourbuttonstoloop.