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Removing Buttons To remove a button from a menu screen, click it and then press the Delete key. Tip: You can also click the frst button, and then Shift-click another button, to highlight all of the buttons in between. Or c-click individual buttons to highlight only those. Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen Of course, if your purpose in removing a button is to move it to a different menu screen, you can use the Cut and Paste commands in the Edit menu. (See page 393 for details on navigating screens.) Setting Button Images In some themes--including all of the iDVD 5 designs--the buttons on your menu screen are just bits of text. In some older themes, though, the buttons can actually be icons, pictures, or tiny movie clips that preview what's in store if viewers click it. In those situations, here's how you specify what that image is. Moving previews Suppose you have a button that, when clicked, plays a movie you've created. Here's where you can make iDVD display up to 30 seconds of that movie right there on the button. Tip: A button can display video only if that button actually links to a video--not to a folder or a slideshow, as described in the next chapter. 1.Selectthebutton. When you click a button, a slider and a Movie checkbox appear above it, as shown in Figure 15-12. Figure 15-12: Turn on Movie to create a video button. Use the slider to specify where you want the tiny button movie to begin looping. chapter15:fromimovietoidvd 369