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Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen angles to indicate which button is highlighted. If you've positioned the buttons too closely together, this highlighting might overlap other buttons--with ugly results. If you're absolutely, positively sure that you want the freedom to drag buttons around into new positions, open the Customize drawer. Click the Settings button at the top, and then in the lower third of the pane, turn on Free Position. Now the buttons are liberated from their grid. (You may want to choose AdvancedShow TV Safe Area so that you don't wind up dragging the buttons off the TV screen.) Apple disavows all responsibility for the cosmetic quality of the results. Tip: At any time, you can make your buttons snap back to their original positions by choosing Snap to Grid from the Settings pane. Reordering Buttons Apple may not want you to drag buttons randomly around the screen, but reordering them is a different story. See Figure 15-11. Figure 15-11: Dragging one button