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additional themes online (Figure 15-10), this pop-up menu may offer other choices. In any case, you can use this pop-up menu to switch between them, or just choose All to see all installed themes in a single scrolling list. You'll notice that some of the themes seem to appear twice: "Wedding Theme Bronze One" and "Wedding Theme Bronze Two," for example. That represents another iDVD feature: predesigned screens for submenu screens, like the Scene Selection screens you'd fnd on a commercial DVD. The "Two" designs are intended for these second-level screens full of buttons. Scroll through the list of themes, clicking each one to see what it looks like in the main work area, or just rely on the little thumbnail icons to get a sense of the theme's overall favor. 3.Selectathemebyclickingitsthumbnail. Figure 15-9: The Customize button reveals iDVD's Cus- tomize drawer. You'll be spending a lot of your time here, so mastering its layout is important. For example, when you click one of the buttons at the top, the pane Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen