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Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen > Phase 4: Design the Menu Screen - Pg. 362

Phase 3: Hand Off to iDVD ·SceneSelection.On the fnished DVD, this button will take your audience to a sec- ond screen, which is flled with individual buttons for the chapters you created. (In fact, this second screen may well have arrows that lead to third and fourth screens, since iDVD menus vary in the number of buttons that ft per screen. Travel Cards holds six buttons per scene-selection menu.) If you'd like to have a look at this scene-selection screen, double-click the words Scene Selection. To return to the main menu, click the left-pointing arrow on the scene-selection screen. Tip: If iDVD seems sluggish when you change screens, it's because the program is busily processing video in the background. To make it work faster, choose iDVDPreferences, click the General icon, and turn off "Enable background encoding." (Finally, close the General window.) Creating your DVD at the end of the process will take longer now, because the video hasn't been preprocessed. But at least you'll be able to work in the program without feeling like you're walking through quicksand. If things are still slow, your Mac may need more memory. iDVD consumes RAM like the ravenous triple- toed dire sloth of the Northern Antipodes consumes white-tailed wombats. (Dire sloths can be very, very ravenous indeed.)