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Part Five: Appendixes > Troubleshooting - Pg. 487

If it's too late for that step, here are two possible fxes. The back-to-camcorder solution Set your camcorder to 16-bit audio. Once editing is complete, export the entire movie to your camcorder (see Chapter 11). Then start a new iMovie project fle and import the camcorder's footage right back into your Mac (Chapter 4). This time, you should be able to export the project with- out the drift. The export-as-QuickTime solution For this trick, you'll export the project as a high-quality QuickTime movie. Chapter 12 offers details on exporting iMovie projects as QuickTime movies. For this particular task, though, these steps guide you through the proper settings: 1.ChooseFileShare. The Share options sheet appears. 2.ClicktheQuickTimeiconatthetopofthewindow.Fromthe"Compressmovie for"pop-upmenu,chooseExpert.ThenclickShare. DVD Problems