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Part Five: Appendixes - Pg. 467

· If no clip is selected anywhere, iMovie deposits the copied clip just after whatever clip contains the Playhead. · If the Playhead is in the middle of a clip in the Movie Track, iMovie deposits the new material right there at the Playhead line, chopping in half the existing clip and shoving its end portion off to the right to make room. Cut, Copy, Paste, and Clear also work when you're editing text, such as the names of your clips or the text for your credits and other titles. Tip: To get an interesting "instant replay" effect, try this trick. Copy a short bit of interesting video, such as your friend tripping over his shoelace and hitting the ground. Paste the snippet twice, so that you wind up with three copies of the same short snippet all in a row. Now select the middle copy and apply iMovie's Reverse effect (page 170). Play through this sequence to see your friend fall down, bounce back up again, and then fall down again, for hours of family entertainment. (Of course, there are many other ways to use this technique that aren't quite so reminiscent of America's Funniest Home Videos.) Edit Menu Clear The Clear command is identical to Cut except that it doesn't keep the deleted ma- terial on the invisible Clipboard. Instead, it simply removes the highlighted clip or selection without affecting what was already on the Clipboard. Keyboard shortcut: