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Part Five: Appendixes > iMovie HD, Menu by Menu - Pg. 469

that hilarious clip of the baby's spaghetti face?"), and then want to return to the spot where you stopped playback ("Scroll to Playhead") or to the clip you had selected a moment ago ("Scroll to Selection"). iMovie returns to the designated spot without losing your Playhead position or clip selection. Keyboard shortcuts: Option-c-P, Option-c-S. · Zoom to Selection zooms the Timeline viewer precisely as much as necessary to fll the window width with whatever batch of clips you've selected. It even reveals just a tidbit of the preceding and following unselected clips, to help you gain your bearings. (Note that if you've highlighted only, say, a single 3-second clip, this command doesn't do much; it can't zoom beyond the limits of the Zoom slider.) Keyboard shortcut: Option-c-Z. · Show Clip Volume Levels reveals the horizontal "rubber bands" that, in the Timeline Viewer, reveal the volume levels of your audio and video clips. (Page 228 has more detail.) Apple mercifully turned this function into a menu command--better yet, a key- stroke (Shift-c-L)--so that you no longer have to trudge off to the Preferences dialog box every time you want to hide or show these volume levels, as in previous versions. · Show Audio Waveforms makes those lie detector-style "sound waves" appear on your audio clips in the Timeline Viewer, so that you can identify louder and softer parts by eye. Details are on page 216. Keyboard shortcut: Shift-c-W. View Menu Markers Menu Most of these commands have to do with bookmarks, the little markers in your Movie Track that let you jump among important spots in your movie without any scrolling or hunting. Bookmarks are described in detail on page 140. · Add Bookmark creates a little green diamond marker in your Movie Track at the position of the Playhead. Keyboard shortcut: c-B. · Delete Bookmark deletes whatever bookmark you've just clicked. Keyboard shortcut: Option-c-B. · Delete All Bookmarks does just what it says. · Previous Bookmark/Next Bookmark make your Playhead jump backward or forward to the next closest bookmark you've already created. Not nearly as useful as their keyboard equivalents, c-[ and c-]. · Add Chapter Marker creates a different sort of marker: a tiny yellow diamond that denotes the beginning of a scene or chapter, as it will appear on a DVD's main- menu screen once you export your movie to iDVD. You can place chapter markers only at the very beginnings of clips. appendixa:imoviehd,menubymenu 469