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appendix c Master Keyboard Shortcut List H ere it is, by popular, frustrated demand: The master list of every secret (or not so secret) keystroke in iMovie HD, including all of the keys you can press while dragging things. Clip and post to your monitor (unless, of course, you got this book from the library). Navigation Action Play/Stop Rewindtostart Jumptoend 1frameback/forward 10framesback/forward Previous/nextbookmark Addbookmark/Deletebookmark AddChapterMarker DeleteChapterMarker Keystrokes Spacebar Home End Leftarrow,rightarrow Shift-leftarrow,Shift-rightarrow c-[,c-] c-B,Option-c-B Shift-c-M Option-c-M TimelineViewerEditing Selectconsecutiveclips Selectnonconsecutiveclips Nudgevideoclip Clickfrstclip,Shift-clicklastone Clickfrstclip,c-clickeachadditionalone Click clip, then press right arrow (add Shift to move10framesatatime)tocreateblackgap appendixc:masterkeyboardshortcutlist 495