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Next, select the video clip that will be affected. Finally, choose AdvancedExtract Audio. iMovie HD places the audio from that video clip into one of its two audio tracks. If you apply the title or transition now, iMovie HD will leave the audio--now an independent entity--alone. Problems with Sound Where to Get Help Online You can get personal iMovie help by calling Apple's help line at (800) 500-7078 for 90 days after you bought the iLife DVD or a new Mac. (Technically, you can call within the frst 90 days of ownership, but the clock really doesn't start until your frst call.) After that, you can either buy an AppleCare contract for another year of tech-support calls ($170 to $350, depending on your Mac model), or pay $50 per individual call! Beyond 90 days, however, consider consulting the Internet, which is flled with su- perb sources of fast, free technical help. Here are some of the best places to get your questions answered: ·Apple'sowniMovieHDdiscussionforum. Here, you can read user comments, ask questions of knowledgeable users, or hang out and learn good stuff (http://discussions. The iMovie FAQ link (Frequently Asked Questions) is at the top of the frst forum page. Check it frst--you'd be surprised at how likely it is that other people have had the same question or problem that you're having. Try using the Search box on the frst page of the iMovie forum, too. Tip: The Search box on the frst forum page searches the entire forum. A Search box on an individual discus- sion page searches only that discussion thread. ·MacDVList.This outstanding resource is a mailing list, which is like a public bul- letin board, except that each message is emailed to everybody who has signed up for the list. To post a message yourself, you just email it to a central address. It's attended by both iMovie fans and Final Cut Pro users (see Chapter 15), but the group tolerates both beginner and advanced questions. You sign up for this free feature at Note that you can sign up either for the one-message-at-a-time membership, which sends about 20 messages a day to your email box, or for the Digest version, in which you get just one email each day containing all of the day's messages. ·iMovie List. Here's a mailing list--several, actually--dedicated to iMovie and only iMovie. In some of these lists, the level of technical discussion is much lower than the MacDV List--in other words, it's a perfect place to ask questions without embarrassing yourself. Sign up by visiting and searching for imovie. appendixb:troubleshooting 493