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Problems with Sound · Just as there are video dropouts, as described in the beginning of this appendix, cheap tapes may sometimes give you audio dropouts. The problem is exactly the same: a tiny bit of dirt or a nonmagnetized particle on the tape. But this time, it affects the audio, not the video. Try cleaning the heads of your camcorder, and then reimport the video. · If cleaning the heads doesn't solve the problem, consider turning off the Audio Filtering feature. To do so, choose iMoviePreferences. Turn off "Filter audio from camera." Click OK. Again, try reimporting the video to see whether the sound-buzzing problems have disappeared. Of course, these workarounds assume that the audio glitch began life on the camera, rather than within iMovie itself. If the pop is intermittent, there's not much you can do. But if you hear the pop in the same place every time you play your movie, you may be able to repair it using a sound-editing program, like this: 1.Exporttheaudioofthevideoclipasasound-onlyAIFFfle. That is, turn on only the relevant audio-track checkboxes (at the right end of the