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Using the Timeline Movie to Recover the Project If the worst should happen, you may be able to rescue the project by importing its timeline movie to a new, fresh, iMovie project fle. (More on the timeline movie in a moment.) If you read page 112, you know that the modern iMovie "document" is, in fact, a tricky kind of folder. To open it, Control-click the project's Finder icon; from the shortcut menu, choose Show Package Contents. In the window that opens, double-click the Cache icon. Inside, you'll see an icon called Timeline The Timeline Movie is a reference movie. That is, it contains no video or audio of its own--just pointers to the video and audio fles stored in the package's Media folder. If those fles are intact, then the reference movie will play the project just as iMovie HD did. Create a new iMovie project, and then drag the Timeline icon from the Finder window right into the Timeline Viewer of the new project. Now, the resulting movie will contain all of the original movie project, but you should be aware that it will show up in the new project as a single, giant clip. You won't be able to edit the titles and transitions, but at least everything will play in the proper order. Project Corruption Problems with Sound Sound problems are especially frustrating when you're working with digital video, because they bear no resemblance to sound problems with more familiar equipment. In any other situation, if sound is too low or too loud, for example, you can adjust it with a knob. But what you do about random electronic beeps and buzzes that weren't there on the original tape? Sound Is Too Soft If one particular clip is too soft, see page 227. If, however, the entire movie soundtrack plays back too quietly, it's probable that iMovie has nothing to do with the problem. Instead, your overall Mac volume is probably too low. Visit the Sound panel of System Preferences and adjust the output volume of your machine, or tap the Volume Up key on the top row of your keyboard. Make sure that iMovie's own volume slider (just above the Movie Track) is up all the way, too. Random Electronic Beeps It's hard to imagine anything more frustrating than fnding a permanent--or, worse, intermittent--buzzing, crackling, or popping in the audio tracks of your project. This problem has been on many minds, and its victims have come up with various so- lutions. Fortunately, most people manage to solve it by following one of these steps: appendixb:troubleshooting 491