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DVD Problems much more work than the drag-into-iDVD method. Either way, though, you'll be delighted with the results. At disc-burning time, iDVD will perform the photo processing itself, with much better results. Project Corruption Most of the time, iMovie stops people's hearts only with the beauty and magnifcence of its creations. Unfortunately, every now and then, it can stop your heart in a much more terrifying way. At some random moment when you least expect it, some iMovie project that you've worked on for days or weeks refuses to open. The odds of project corruption in iMovie HD are lower than in any previous version, but if it happens, that's little consolation. frequently asked questions How to Save Your Project for Future Generations OK, I'm done editing my iMovie. How do I back up my project to reclaim the hard drive space? handful of these blanks to store one hour of video. But this solution is certainly cheap. And in a pinch, you'll be able