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Exporting Troubles Now, selected clips in the Clips pane (not the Movie Track) do stop exporting cor- rectly, although the export order is unpredictable. If you need to export just one or two clips that are now in the Movie Track, Option-drag (to duplicate them) to the Clips pane, then export from there. Export to HomePage Doesn't Have Fast Start Fast Start is the QuickTime feature that allows your movie to start playing in your audience's Web browser before the download is complete. Unfortunately, Fast Start doesn't work when you export an iMovie HD movie to your HomePage. For now, the solution is the shareware program called Lillipot. It lets you add Fast Start to your movie before you upload it to your HomePage. Lillipot is available from the "Missing CD" page of Exporting DV Widescreen Doesn't Make a Widescreen Movie Sometimes, when you export your DV Widescreen project to QuickTime, the exported movie is not, in fact, widescreen. Once again, the culprit is usually out-of-date iMovie HD plug-ins you've bought from other companies. Old versions can prevent iMovie HD from automatically exporting widescreen projects to widescreen movies.