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clips' ends. (If the original clip is named Clip 01, the new second clip is named Clip 01/1.) The trouble is, sometimes the new clip gets hidden underneath some other clip in the Clips pane--especially when all the top slots in the Clips pane are full. The workaround, if you call it one: look under the other clips in the Clips pane (by dragging them to other "cubbyholes"). Problems Editing Exporting Troubles Now suppose that you're able to edit the video successfully, and even edit it into a masterful work of art. The big moment arrives: You're ready to play the movie back onto the tape, or export it as a QuickTime movie, so that you can then play it for friends and venture capitalists. Here are a few things that can go wrong. You Live in Europe If you bought your DV camcorder in Europe, it has probably been, as the Internet punsters say, "nEUtered." That is, it's been electronically rigged so that it can't record video from a FireWire cable. Your PAL-format camcorder isn't broken. In fact, it's simply the victim of a European