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Photo Problems When you click the Apply button, the zoom slider immediately jumps to 1.00, making you think that the image was imported with a 1.00 zoom instead of 1.48. That impres- sion is only reinforced when you click the imported clip and see that the zoom slider still says 1.00. (Ordinarily, iMovie HD displays the zoom that was used to import the image when you click the resulting clip.) In fact, though, the imported clip was imported correctly. These are all just cosmetic bugs. You can prove it by importing the image a second time using a 1.00 zoom, and comparing the two. iPhoto Slideshow Fails to Import Video Sometimes, a strange thing may happen when you try to drag a slideshow from iPhoto into iMovie HD: iMovie HD imports the song but skips the video. In that situation, you've probably selected a copy-protected song, bought from the iTunes Music Store, as background music for the iPhoto slideshow. If you have QuickTime Player Pro, open the iPhoto-exported movie, remove the audio track, Save, and try importing again. If you don't have QuickTime Player Pro, return to iPhoto, remove the song, export to a new movie, and try again. Remember, you can always import the iTunes song directly into your iMovie HD