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Photo Problems iMovie HD's photo features are, in general, a delight--and they let you get mileage out of iMovie even if you don't own a camcorder. But you may encounter some rough edges. Photo Problems Can't Change the Duration of a Still Photo iMovie distinguishes between still photos and still frames, of the sort that you capture using the EditCreate Still Frame command. Moreover, it differentiates between photos that exhibit the Ken Burns effect and those that don't. It's so complicated, you practically need a cheat sheet--and here it is. · To change the duration of a Ken Burnsized photo (imported from iPhoto or from the hard drive), click the clip and then use the Duration slider (or Duration box) in the Photos palette. Click Update. · To change the duration of a still frame, double-click it. Change the duration in the Clip Info box. · To change the duration of a non­Ken Burnsized photo, use either method: the Duration slider in the Photos palette, or the Clip Info box.