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Title Trouble When making multiline titles, iMovie determines the maximum text size based on the longest line. If you're getting tiny text, then consider shortening the longest line or dividing it in two. You'll see the type size jump up accordingly. Tip: You also gain another 10 percent size boost by turning on QT Margins. Do that only for movies you intend to save as QuickTime movies, however, not for projects you'll show on TV. Chopped-off Type on Playback from Tape The actual dimensions of a TV picture aren't what you'd expect. To avoid the risk that some oddball TV model might display a sliver of black empty space at a corner or edge of the glass, all NTSC television signals are overscanned--deliberately transmitted at a size larger than the TV screen. Sure, that means that the outer fve percent of the picture at each edge doesn't even show up on your TV, because it's beyond the glass borders. But TV directors are aware of this phenomenon, and carefully avoid shooting anything that might get chopped off by the overscanning. Unfortunately, iMovie has one foot in the world of video, and the other in the QuickTime world, where no overscanning is necessary. QuickTime movies always show everything in the picture, perfectly and precisely. Nothing is ever lost beyond the borders of a QuickTime window. That's why some footage that looks spectacular