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Title Backgrounds Have Jaggies The quality of the image behind a title in iMovie HD isn't as good as it once was, especially if you burn the movie to DVD. The title looks great, but the background behind acquires jaggies, the stair-step lines along hard edges (Figure B-2). Title Trouble Figure B-2: For some reason, as of version 5.0.1, iMovie HD intro- duces stairstepped, jagged lines in the video behind a title, as shown here before (top) and after. DV and DV Widescreen projects seem most vulnerable. The quantity of jaggies depends on the type of image and movement in the image. At its worst, the problem is distracting. At its best, it may not occur. Some things to try to minimize the jaggies: · Place your title over video that contains natural objects instead of man-made ob- jects. Faces, landscapes, and fowers tend to be better than roof lines, deck railings, and fences. Avoid objects containing straight lines and hard edges. · Place the title over video that doesn't move. A clip that zooms in on a building--or a Ken Burns clip that zooms in on a picture of the building--may look worse than a clip with no motion. · When using a Ken Burns photo, import a large-dimension image, not small. · Before importing the photo, soften the image a bit. Try iPhoto's EditAdjust Sharpness function, or Photoshop's Gaussian blur. · Before adding the title, export the clip to a DVCPRO - NTSC QuickTime movie, then re-import that to iMovie HD. (If your video is in PAL format, use DVCPRO - PAL instead.) · Create a title "Over black" instead of a video clip. The Type Is Too Small To make sure your title fts onscreen, iMovie limits the text size of the title to what fts within the movie frame. That's a nice feature that keeps all of your text on the screen, without the risk of chopping it off at the sides. Trouble is, even when you drag the type-size slider all the way to the right, the text may still be too small to read, especially when exported as a smallish QuickTime movie. appendixb:troubleshooting 481