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Starting Up and Importing There's no real trouble to shoot here; click the option you prefer and get on with your life. up to speed Nondestructive Editing: Pros and Cons Two of the most dramatic changes to iMovie HD involve the Trash and something called nondestructive editing: the ability to restore a clip or adjust the way you've chopped it up, even years after making the movie. But this overhaul has introduced both blessings and curses-- and demands a good deal of new understanding. The good news: · You can revert an audio or video clip to its original state at any time, even after you've emptied the project Trash. And even when you shorten or split or crop a clip, iMovie never shortens the original, full-length video fle. Trash. As a result, large fles always stay large. · Copying and pasting clips between projects can cause projects to balloon in size. That's because, if you copy that 2-second clip from Project A into Project B, iMovie HD copies the entire, 45-minute underlying source fle. In fact, if you copy two clips ("Laughing" and "Laughing/1") that are both derived from the same original clip, iMovie copies the entire underlying 45-minute source fle twice. (Unless you copy both at the same time, that is.) · When you drag a clip out of iMovie (to the Finder, to iDVD, or anyplace else), iMovie HD copies the