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· Every couple of months, restart your Mac from the Mac OS X CD, choose File Disk Utility, click the First Aid tab, click your hard drive icon, and click Repair Disk. · Mac OS X runs three behind-the-scenes Unix maintenance programs at regular intervals between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. If your Mac is asleep or turned off every night, the maintenance probably isn't being done, because the Mac doesn't wake itself up to do the maintenance. If you don't regularly leave your Mac running overnight, take a minute, every month or so, to run MacJanitor--a free program that runs those same maintenance programs, but at your command. (You can get it from the "Missing CD" page at, among other places.) General iMovie Troubleshooting Starting Up and Importing Trouble getting going? Here's some advice. "Some stray fles were found" Message This message is, fortunately, going the way of foppy disks; it occurs very rarely in iMovie HD projects. Even so, it may still pop up occasionally when you're opening older iMovie projects. Here's the explanation. You're never supposed to move, delete, rename, or fddle with any of the icons in your project folder's Media folder (page 113). iMovie itself is supposed to manage those clips, behind the scenes. But if you put a clip into the Media folder yourself--a much more diffcult proposi- tion in iMovie HD--then the next time you open the project, you get the message shown in Figure B-1. iMovie doesn't recognize some of the clips it found there, and has moved them to the iMovie HD Trash. It invites you to (a) view the Trash contents, or (b) not. That's the theory, anyway. In the real world, you'll probably get the "stray fles" mes- sage from time to time, even when you haven't been anywhere near the Media folder. Sometimes iMovie just gets confused, as may be the case when the program bombs, or when you force quit it. Figure B-1: Movie has discovered clips that it doesn't remember being part of your project. Maybe you put them in the project folder (deliberately or not); maybe the clips were always part of the project, but iMovie somehow forgot. appendixb:troubleshooting 477